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kelas CI kemaren, pak apiq gak ngajar soalnya ada dosen tamu dari common room (salah satu community kreatif di bdg), dosen tamunya namanya pak gustaf, nah ini dia nih bbrp hal yg dapat gw kutip dr hasil presentasi beliau,


Located in Jl. Kyai Gede Utama No. 8, Bandung – Indonesia, Common Room is a platform for various activities that are organized by Bandung Center for New Media Arts and anyone who are interested to initiate their own activities in this particular place. Since 2003, Bandung Center for New Media Arts has utilized Common Room as an anchor that serves diverse individuals, communities and organizations with increasing quantity of cooperation. Later on it becoming a place where people could add, edit and execute activities based on their own purpose and interest, which mainly focus in developing public knowledge and creativity.

until now, Common Room has been facilitating numerous exhibitions, screening, workshops, lectures, discussions, small-scale music concerts, cultural festivals, etc. It has becoming a place that bridging dialogue and multidisciplinary cooperation intended to connect numerous individuals, communities and various organizations with diverse economic, social and micro-political interests through certain negotiations, daily experiences and knowledge exchange. It is an open platform for experimentation and creative collaboration to achieve common goal and opportunities for those who are actively involved within Common Room and its existing networks.

Currently a new structure has emerged and been developed in Common Room. Not merely a physical space, it has also become a transit space facilitating public interest in developing creative knowledge and collaboration. It is a melting pot for many events and enables the growth of new ideas that accommodate the needs of dialogue, conventions and multidisciplinary collaborations that liberating a discourse from its limitations. Common Room activities conclude a vast sphere, starting from documenting and exploring phenomena, ideas, models and new concept born from multidisciplinary approaches in the field of visual arts, design, urban architecture, music, fashion, literature, new media, as well as ongoing research & development on urban culture and urban ecology


The desired or needed result to be achieved by a specific time. An objective is broader than a goal, and one objective can be broken down into a number of specific goals.

– Non-profit institutions engaged in social and aims to promote artistic and creative values that more and more faded from civilization in its development.

– Accommodate the ideas of the community and make it happen.

– NGOs are only a venue to produce solutions that will build the function of each member of society.



– A different impact on the environment in Bandung

– Focusing on the number of Bandung-sex women in the arts and creative, because basically she is very rare to be able to explore their  skills.

– Preserve art and culture located in Bandung area (because Bandung basically has a lot of culture in abundance)

About Mr. Gustaff and common room

Gustaff Harriman Iskandar, Gustaff H. Iskandar (birth. 1974), graduated in 1999 from Fine Arts Department, Bandung Institute of Technology. Starting from 1999, Gustaff entered

Common room is a social institution that society are engaged in artistic and creative. Gustaff aware of the potential and capabilities possessed by the community bandung, therefore, after he graduated from ITB art, he created a new business specializing in art and only one in Bandung.

Gustaff realized that the resolution or change will not happen when society faces, but the technology could be through a new public behavior. Culture is also not far from our hands but very close as a contemporary culture.


All fields are developed except literature and publishing.

Three important things to keep developed in Bandung:

–          Creative culture

–          Responsitive urban planning

–          How to would creation can be creative entrepreneurship

Step for created a good generation :

Creative and innovation are created if we reward innovation..

Assibilates levels of technology use :

Three most important thing :

lesson learned

  • Creativity is very important in our life. Because from creativity we can make a new innovation which can make a breakthroughs. Creativity are Brainstorming process of new ideas, Process of reviving/ discovering things/ new and unique products from existing products or non-existing product and Capacity to create something useful or beautiful. Innovation is the act of introducing something new and something newly introduced. New ideas that are used or applied to create or fix certain product, process or service  towards improvement and creating new values which are beneficial for the consumers and the company by creatively changing one or more dimension of a business system
  • As an example of creative behavior made by Gustaff by creating a social institution in society and the creative arts. By looking at existing resources and use them for something more useful for the environment.
  • Basically creative people always thinking that Creativity is not a gift, it has to be sharpened, grown, and maintained, Those who are creative, they always learn how to make themselves to become more creative, They also see the future and think for other people And they are always encouraged to think about new things and apply them to overcome the problems
  • Creative nature usually found in a person who has a little personality of the professor. Little Professor is the curious and Exploring Child who is always trying out new stuff (often much to their Controlling Parent’s annoyance). Together with the Natural Child they make up the Free Child. Little professor always have a good idea they thinking out of the box. They have a good communication with other people and environment. They can make their environment to be a source. Gustaff example is utilizing all potential residents Bandung very abundant, because the institutions he had founded, he was able to make a lot of good events and actually utilize the potential of art in themselves Bandung community.
  • And there are also people who will be creative about it because they too use the left brain than right brain them. The left brain is usually more focus to the things that words, logic, numbers, sequences, linear, analysis and a list. As for those who prefer to use the right brain is usually  because they more often use the rhythm, spatial, imagination, dimensions, colors, and music.
  • There are 5 ring creativity such as :
  1. Innovational (creating creative creativity creativity-new again. We can call it as the mother of creativity)
  2. Orientational (this level as not to create something new. This creative harnessing the creativity of the previous levels in order to be useful for the community.)
  3. Instrumental (Creative to create an instrument – an instrument. Which is when people who use these tools will be a creative person.)
  4. Relational (Creative communication is a two-level creative. Higher than the creative existential. The impact of the creative communication creative wider than existential. Creative communication can also be called the creative relational.)
  5. Existential (creative this early stage is called the creative existential. Creative create something from which there is no be there. Something that can be goods or process or the other.)
  • Gustaff company (common room) is one of the creative level lies in innovation, because he’s creating a new creativity creativity, we can speak again as the mother of creativity.
  • The things that can make people less be creative:
    they only converge thinking (think just focusing on one point and not think about other points are much more conventional), lack of knowledge about the environment and the things that can be used (as if we have a lot of information and knowledge that can enhance the our creative), afraid of taking risks (if we are high risk it will result in high returns), lack of communication on the environment, and strategic management that is less controlled.
  • Therefore, to overcome all the shortcomings that we can fix it by:
  1. Be sure that you can be creative
  2. Express your creativity in your work and life
  3. Show your inner child
  4. Think unlogical
  5. Do something different
  6. Charge your mind
  7. Read books, look outside
  8. Doing routine activities when you are in deadlock
  9. Write your ideas immediately
  10. Believe that you can do it
  • In the process of making this creative idea, Gustaff make step to how design process :
  1. identify interdisciplinary stakeholder (gustaff and her friends make a team to make the business)
  2. understand environment (what business that can produce in this environment, what the frame problem, what the source)
  3. suspend reality (make a idea)
  4. bring back reality (to make it real, we as a owner from the business we must make a prototype, because from the prototype environment can accept our business. Example gustaff make one event in children days, gustaff make with theme  “kreatifitas anak bangsa”)
  5. chose suitable design (decide)
  6. sketch out projects & workload (make a time table and draw implementation plan)
  7. outline key indicators to follow (choose measures which we will use as the source and create an outline for our business)
  8. select the right teams and people (in this section we must make jb description and make responsibility)
  9. execute the plan (manage implementation & change)
  10. evaluate, learn and redesign (for the last step we must make a evaluate to control our business to be more effectively and manage improvement)

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